Welcome to Tribal Banking

The Tribal Banking Company partners with Solarisbank to build whitelabel tribal banking products

Your brand

Realtime data

Custom modules

Design for your tribe

We will work closely with you to bring your brand to life, setting the perfect mood for your tribe’s prosperity.

Realtime data

Our module selection allows you to create the perfect combination of realtime features to spark your tribe’s prosperity.


Send & Receive payments to IBAN

Update spending limits

Saving goals

Sync your phone contacts

Issue debit cards

Set PIN & 3D secure number

Cloud & Future Ready

We know every tribe is different and sometimes our tribes need specific modules built.  Rest easy.  Our team is ready to roll with your needs built, future proofed with AWS

A new era of banking

The days of one-size-fits-all financial services are numbered. We understand this and invite you to join us on this journey to usher in the age of Tribal Banking & Financial Services.



The Tribal Banking Company is a Vacuumlabs Company.  Vacuumlabs is a centre of excellence
in digital design and engineering with offices around the globe.

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Telling us about yourself is the first step towards creating your tribe